Travel Program

Our travel program is designed to offer interested and proven players the opportunity to practice and play in a more competitive situation. Currently our teams play in the New Hampshire Soccer League. Teams practice 1-2 times per week for approximately 60-90 minutes and have 8 league games plus the opportunity to qualify for playoffs. Teams also take part in a Columbus Day Tournament. Additionally, indoor soccer for interested travel players, is offered from November through April at local facilities in Epping or Hampton.

Our travel program philosophy is simple:

  • Training - Provide a training environment that is age-appropriate, challenging, motivating, enjoyable, encouraging and realistic to the game.
  • Long-term Player Development - To develop better players by creating training environments where the coach’s and parent’s focus is on player development and not on the short-term result of a game or a tournament. Our focus on long-term player development is to provide the foundation and continued support in order to assist all our players in reaching their full potential in the game of soccer.
  • Team Oriented – While understanding the importance of individual development, both short and long-term, we work to instill in each player the concept of being on a team. Our goal is to get players to recognize that each player is an important part of the team, no matter the position. The goals are what people remember, but it is often a great pass, stellar defense or a key save that help make that goal a reality.
  • Safety and Wellbeing – Ensure player safety and wellbeing at all times through proper practice and game conditions and education, both for players and coaches